Why vet.smart.mobarn

Various stabling variants make the vet.smart.mobarn a flexible calf rearing system.
  • 8 calves in individual boxes
  • 10 calves in group housing (up to < 150 kg)
  • 10 calves in group housing (up to < 150 kg)

barn construction with vet.smart.mobarn


Mobile calf barn

The  vet.smart.mobarn  is  a  mobile  barn  system  for  keep- ing  calves  under  ideal  room  conditions  on  a  floor  space  of  25  m².  The  core  is  the  vet.smart.booster,  a  ventila- tion  system  that  is  adapted  to  the  health  of  the  calves  and  ensures  a  draft-free  room  climate  all  year  round.  The mobile calf barn can be moved on its two wheels and  ensures efficient work and quick mucking out.  
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VET.SMART systems: Inspired by natural behavior - the mother instinctively protects her calf from harmful draughts

Cooling: high air speeds in the right place

Moving air costs energy and that costs money. That is why the full focus is on cooling the sensitive areas in the barn and on the animal. But cooling also means refreshing, and that requires fresh air. vet.smart.tubes meet both requirements in technical perfection.

Ventilation: uniform draft-free fresh air supply

If it gets cold outside, the barn openings must be closed in such a way that the outside air does not reach the animals in the form of uncontrolled drafts. In order to supply the animals with the optimal amount of fresh air, exactly the right amount of air is needed, evenly distributed over the animal area and at speeds below the animal-specific draft limit. This is exactly what our ventilation systems deliver.

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Ideal air conditions in every barn area
with vet.smart.tubes

Well thought out system for every barn

  • Analysis of needs and targets

    Initial analysis of the building to be ventilated by our on- site specialist. Measurement and recording of the relevant data of the building to be ventilated, taking into account all factors influencing the ventilation system.

  • Individual planning & detailed analysis using the barn geometry

    Pre-dimensioning of the system based on the recorded data.

  • Exact calculations

    Based on veterinary exper- tise, the system is precisely calculated in terms of air volume, air distribution and target speeds.

  • Installation / Commissioning

    High-precision planning requires installation that is centimeter-accurate. This last important point in the system implementation is also fulfilled by the optional installation management and joint commissioning.

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What delivery time should be expected?

After clarification of the exact scope of services, a delivery time of four weeks can be expected. We strive to process as quickly as possible.

Auf welcher Einbauhöhe soll der vet.smart.booster montiert werden?

Die Einbauhöhe im vet.smart.mobarn beträgt 2,6 m (Unterkante vet.smart.booster zum Boden).

Aus welchem Material besteht der vet.smart.mobarn?

Der vet.smart.mobarn besteht aus hochwertig verzinkten Quadratrohrprofile. Seitenwände aus 3,5 cm starken Hohlkammerprofilen. Desinfizierbar und sehr strapazierbar gegenüber Umwelteinflüssen.

Wie viel kostet der vet.smart.booster?

Der vet.smart.booster ist im Preis des vet.smart.mobarn enthalten.

In welcher Ausstattung wird der vet.smart.mobarn ausgeliefert?

Vor der gesamten Frontfläche ist ein transparentes elektrisches Rolltor. Das Dach ist diffus lichtdurchlässig mit Firstöffnung und integriertem Präzisionsklimagerät, dem vet.smart.booster. Dieser wechselt temperaturgesteuert zwischen zwei vordefinierten Modi.

Wie viel kostet der vet.smart.mobarn?

Preis auf Anfrage. Der vet.smart.booster ist im Preis für den vet.smart.mobarn inbegriffen.

How loud are the fans?

We attach great importance to constantly using the latest fan technology. For this reason, we always use fans with comparatively low noise levels. If you have special requirements regarding the volume of the fans, we have the option of designing an "extra-quiet system" for you. Our technicians will be happy to provide you with precise technical information.

Ist der vet.smart.mobarn nur für Kälber geeignet?

Der vet.smart.mobarn hat Platzangebot für mindestens 8 Kälber in Einzelboxen, 10 Kälber in Gruppe bis 150 kg, 8 Kälber bis 200 kg, 4 Kälber bis 400 kg, 2 Kühe, 2 Pferde, 10 Schafe oder Ziegen, 25 Gänse oder 30-40 Hühner.