Six steps to the right ventilation system

We ask the right questions, measure the relevant barn climate parameters, gather your personal requirements and plan tailor-made ventilation solutions for you.

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barn ventilation with for cattle and calves 4/8/2021

Draft-free fresh air in winter, precise cooling in summer - this can only be done by More for sheep and goats 4/8/2021

Especially for the difficult requirements in sheep and goat stables. In addition to an even distribution of air in the animal area, they also ensure that the air in the barn is not contaminated with harmful gases such as ammonia.
More und air quality measurements for horses 4/8/2021

Everyone is talking about the corona virus load! What about the viral load in your horse stable? Take a measurement and determine the stable climate with VET.SMART. For your health and that of your horses! You don't see it, but your horses feel it!
More for poultry 4/8/2021

They ensure a precisely dosed and precisely aligned cooling stream for all zones in the barn. This results in optimal and dry soil conditions, ensures better animal welfare and brings you sustainable economic success.

Six steps to the right ventilation system

What is ventilation design

Every barn has different requirements, every farm has dif- ferent  requirements.  In  order  to  create  a  perfect  barn  cli- mate  and  thus  optimum  conditions  for  maximum  animal  welfare and best performance, the ventilation system must  be precisely adapted to your barn. We ask the right questions, measure the relevant barn climate parameters, gather  your  personal  requirements  and  plan  tailor-made  ventila- tion solutions for you. You will receive an optimum basis for  decision-making - objective and individual.

free consultation appointment for single calf igloos

No problems right from the start

Calf  igloos  are  the  first  homes  for  the  newborns.  Accord- ingly, it is important to make this home as comfortable as  possible. The is an innovative ventilation  device for fresh air and against heat stress in calf igloos. No  product available on the market can be compared to the vet. smart.iglustar. Heat stress in calves? So far, no company has  thought about this important topic.

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barn construction with and

Planning of climate-optimized calf barns with

 A new calf barn is a major investment in the future of your farm. We promise to support you with this important decision with the utmost care and to compare each investment step with the expected successes even before the project starts.Your operational success and the well-being of your calves is our goal.

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Mobile barn concept with optimum barn climate and the best working conditions with

The  is  a  mobile  barn  system  for  keep- ing  calves  under  ideal  room  conditions  on  a  floor  space  of  25  m².  The  core  is  the,  a  ventila- tion  system  that  is  adapted  to  the  health  of  the  calves  and  ensures  a  draft-free  room  climate  all  year  round. 

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